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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Five petal flower tutorial.

To make the flower from the card above you will need: 5 Petal flower punch, 1/2" circle punch, large ball Stylus (or another scoring medium with a blunt smooth round end) and or a spoon and some glue dots.
Step 1: cut out 3 flowers and one circle.
Step 2: Make some petal shape score lines on each petal of the first flower, ( you can do the same to each of the other flowers too if you wish)
Step 3: curl the petals on the first flower by running the spoon handle along the petals as if you were curling ribbon
Step 4: second flower, using your stylus/ spoon handle curl one edge of each of the petals in a clockwise direction so that you flower looks almost like a child's windmill toy,
Step 5: Flower 3 curl each of the into the middle of the flower using your stylus or a needle,
then using the end of the stylus hold the flower in the centre and gently squeeze all the petals into the middle so the flower is slightly tighter,
Step 6: Take the small circle and place your stylus in the centre of it squeeze the edges of the circle up towards the stylus to create a messy cone for the centre of the flower
you should now have this:
Step 7: Start to layer your flower up using your glue dots to keep the layers in position, you may want to try this out first without glue dots to make sure you are happy with the shapes of your petals before sticking them together

If your center flower layer flattens out give it a squeeze to get it back into shape.
Hopefully you should now have something which looks like this.

I hope you find this helpful!!

Happy crafting



Emily (stampingout on SCS) said...

Awesome, Abi! I will definitley be trying this! :)

DottyJo said...

This is so great Abi,can't wait to give it a go - thanks for the tutorial, Jo x