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Friday, 6 August 2010

Ribbon dyeing...

Stampin' up! unfortunately don't sell any black satin ribbon in europe yet.... and i love colouring ribbon but hate it when the colour runs when it gets damp  so how do we get around this when we want the card to stay looking clean and simple?

we use our trusty black stayz on ( obviouisly this tutorial is creating black satin ribbon)

so you'll need some satin ribbon, a paint brush some acetate or a plactic cello bag so you can throw it right out... this gets a bit messy

lay your ribbon on your plastic sheet and add a few drops of stayz on to the sheet and the ribbon

spread the ink along the ribbon with the paint brush watch your fingers!!

ooops pictures upside down sorry i obviously defeat gravity :)  then hang your ribbon up to dry, when it's dry you can use this s ribbon to decorate anything you like.!

Thanks for stopping by!

p.s for those waiting for the beach hut tutorial it's on its way promise!!

1 comment:

HappyCrafter said...

Love these cards, talk about sophisticated!