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Thursday, 19 February 2009

Spinner card instructions

Step 1:  Cut a piece of card the desired width same length and or colour as your base card.

Step 2:  Punch two holes either end of your card strip with your 3/4" circle punch, you could draw two lines across your card stock horizontally so that your holes are the same level on the card ( i just eye balled mine)

Step 3: Using a paper trimmer or your craft knife join up the two holes,

Step 4: Remove the strip from the middle you should now have a piece of card stock like step 4,

Step 5: Punch a 1" circle from some card stock, this could match your base card or not it's up to you, and  attach a coin ( i used a 20p for mine)

Step 6: Put the coin and the circle behind your strip of card stock so that the coin and any guide lines you have made on the card cannot be seen.  Then put some dimensional/ sticky foam pads on the back of the image you want to spin.   You need to make sure that the sticky pads are small enough to turn inside the hole you have cut.  stick your coin and the image together sandwiching the strip of card.

Step 7: Turn your strip of card over and add some more sticky foam pads so that there is enough space under the layer of card stock for the coin to spin freely. turn it back over then stick your strip and your base card together.

Home that made sense :)

1 comment:

Rosina said...

I'll have to try this soon, I love cards with moving parts.