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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Stamping on fabric

1. You'll need some fabric paint I used Dylon Fabric paint as we don't have the Stampin' Up! craft ink's in the UK yet.

2. Cover all your surfaces and wear an apron it can get a bit messy,  Mix the fabric paints until you get the desired colours.

3.  Paint the fabric paints onto your stamps, you can try putting your stamp into the paint but the image will be clearer if you paint the colour onto the stamp,

4.  Make sure you have something under the layer of fabric you are going to stamp, the paint will bleed through, so place a piece of card stock in between the layers.

5.  The layer of fabric you are stamping on needs to be held flat/ taught so that the stamped image will be even, stamp as normal.

6. Leave the fabric paint to air dry, then when it's dry you need to heat set the dylon fabric paint with your iron on hot for 2-3 minutes or as stated on the paint instructions.

When finished the image should be flexible and soft and should launder as a normal garment but check the instructions on your fabric paint.

Happy stamping :)

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